Midwest Mini Dirtworks

 Landscaping/Dingo Hire

Dingo Hire/Landscaping


Narrow & restricted access is our specialty.

810mm wide access and above we are able to get into places where other machines cant.

Site & earthworks
Gravel verges/driveways/paths
Concrete and paving preparation
Lawns Removed and disposed off
Laser Level & compaction
Soil etc brought in or removed offsite
Soakwell holes up to 1.5m deep


With our chain trenching attachment we are able to dig trenches at a fast rate up to 900mm deep and between 150-200mm wide

For services such as :
Water pipes/retic
Service lines etc

300mm wide front hoe attachment available for footings etc

Post Hole

Our post hole attachment is perfect for drilling holes for fencing, patio posts, planting trees and many other uses.

Sizes available 
  1. Post holes
  2. Dingo trenching
  3. Front hoe dingo
  4. Narrow access dingo


We offer the highest quality service and installs on landscaping for your yard.

From Synthetic grass   to real turf we can do all the earthworks to supply and install.
We can even sort out the retic if you require.
​Small to medium limestone walls and headers.
Garden beds/yard cleanups and much more
  1. Lawn removal
  2. fake grass pool area
  3. Synthetic turf
  4. Landscape design